A Home School Family

To Home School or Not  To Home School … That was the Question!

Which direction

Life seems to be a bit scarier at times, than I remember when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s. Violence and severe abuse splatter the headlines, with bullying at an all time high, and teen suicide on the rise. In a world that feels wacky, more families are creating safe home school environments for their children.

We became one of those families, eight years ago. When my daughter was in first grade, it was clear a change had to be made about her education. She was not thriving in the public school environment. I watched her grow more stressed every day. She wasn’t being stimulated at her level of academics and her spirit was slowly breaking. In first grade! I knew if she remained there, she would continue on a downward spiral. The traditional brick and mortar school environment was not equipped to help kids like her with strong independent spirits, to thrive.

As time went by, she was less enthusiastic about going to school. The more I listened and observed (as a volunteer “helping mom” for her class) the more I realized our situation had to change, if she were to come out of this without having her spirit broken further.

Kindergarten was a wonderful experience and the teacher was amazing. She recognized my daughter’s unique abilities and nurtured her advanced skills  which are reminiscent of the genius characters from the hit TV series, The Big Bang Theory. My daughter was happy and confident; life in kindergarten was great!

The first grade experience was another story. This was the teacher’s first year with children that age. In other words, she was a “green horn” and didn’t have a lot of experience with first graders. Within a month, my little girl was verbalizing clearly her discontent. In addition, she was becoming more self conscious, introverted, wanting to hide her talents, instead of being proud of them and she was beginning to display a lack of self confidence.

One day, the teacher explained to the class, that my kid’s reading at 5th grade level was not normal. The reason she went on, was that she was different than the rest of the kids and in an outer orbit academically, while the rest of the class were normal and where they were supposed to be. Singling her out in front of the entire class didn’t help matters. By the time winter break rolled around, my daughter had enough. She begged not to go back and asked instead, to get home schooled.

That was the beginning of our home school journey. I was determined to do whatever I could to make my daughter’s school days experience a happy one, filled with love, support and good times. It was clear she didn’t thrive in a traditional classroom. It was time for us to get real about it and get home schooled.

For our situation homeschooling has been the right choice. She completed middle school in one year and is currently a high school honor student at the top of the class with a 4.15 GPA. She is an academy member of the accredited online K12 program, which in our 8 year experience, has been superior; a feeling shared by the licensed K12 teachers recruited themselves from public schools.

In my next blog, I’ll tell ‘ya how we found K12.

Until next time …

PS. If you read my previous blog, I mentioned something about a Love Touch Project … still in the works … will keep ya posted!


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