Once we decided to home school, there was no turning back! We were now among the ranks of the home school movement!  Eek! How the heck did I do this alone AND find the right path or “homeschool program” that was perfect for our family?

The biggest question was can I do this?  Gulp! I realized I was about to embark on a colossal voyage; full time employment, full time teacher, full time mom! I’m so glad I didn’t think about how massive this thing was at the time (risking I’d chicken out once I realized the scope of this task all by my lonesome.) I just decided to move forward and wing it. I had a “Mom the Builder” attitude. Once I made my mind up, I declared “I CAN do this … yes I CAN!” I was determined to move forward full speed and damn the torpedoes! I was resolved to stick with this as long as we were achieving positive results. We’d give it a year and make an assessment after that as to whether to continue. 


We didn’t consider the people in our life and whether they would support or interfere with this decision. We had to keep those who were unsupportive at bay. I was wise enough to understand, if we failed, we would have learned a valuable lesson and be stronger from the experience. If we succeeded … all the better!

The next thing I needed to address were the physical logistics: where to set up the classroom and a comfortable workspace, while keeping distractions to a minimum. We decided to convert the master bedroom into the home office/school room. It was spacious enough for both our needs. I would begin the daily lessons, then continue with my own work. Plus, I would be right there to give guidance and aid when it was needed. A perfect fit!

With the initial concerns tackled, it was now time to find the right program. I conducted extensive research to find out what was available. Wow! I had no idea there was a ton of information out there on home schooling and homeschool programs. So much so, that it was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t know which direction to head! I didn’t know anyone at the time PERSONALLY that home schooled. In fact, many of my friends and family thought I was insane! Their concerns were with respect to “socializing”. But it didn’t stop us and I was open to implementing extra curricular activities into our schedule.

I found other families who had homeshcool experince to get both the pros and cons from their own journey and the internet research yielded all sorts of homeschool programs; free,  tuition, as well as programs that provided Christian based curriculum. I had no idea there would be so much to choose from. I had my work cut out for me.

After I concluding my research, I decided to try out the K12 program. It is an “accredited” chartered public school that provides all the tools found in a traditional brick and mortar public school arena. Over the years, they provided us with a computer, printer, textbooks and the tools for each subject (science, math, literature, spelling, history, art and yes even music!) When we received our first shipment, it was like Christmas! The support we continue to receive from the school is commendable AND because we relocated from Arizona to Nevada  we didn’t have to change curriculum. K12 is available in both states! Needless to say …this worked out for us .. big time! My child works at her own level, is a grade ahead of her peers and an honor roll student at the top of her class. This parent is a happy camper!


If home school is not the path for your family, but your child is struggling with school, you may wish to look into a tool that can help achieve better grades with the least amount of effort. For more information visit:


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