Back To School

Well, it’s the last few days of summer vacation as we prepare to embark on another school year next week. It feels like summer break went by so quick! Times have been tough around our homestead this year, financially, emotionally and as of late, physically. A vacation getaway was not in the budget this year. Nonetheless, parts of my body decided to take their own vacation anyway. I got sick with another autoimmune disorder inflammation episode, and lost mobility in my arm for over a week. (Emotional stress tends to build up and break me down which ultimately gave me time to think while the body was repairing). So we made the best of our situation and chose to have a “staycation” this summer.  We didn’t even have much desire to hang out at the beautiful pools in our community.

Instead I found a way to keep us both productive and give my teen access to the knowledge contained within the cerebral vaults of Mom Solo. Which means we used the time wisely over our summer vacation learning and practicing two new languages; Greek (that of our ancestors) and …

Piano lessons. Yes, learning to read music is a whole new language as well. I’m proud that these were both subjects my brainiac daughter picked up on easily. I couldn’t believe how natural she sounded speaking the Greek language. I learned to read, write and speak Greek from the age of two. The difference, in our home daily, my grandparents and parents all spoke fluent Greek.  When you hear a language and practice it daily, it’s easier to pick up. However, there are no grandparents, or other natives around to converse with, so I have to consciously ask questions, or say words in Greek to keep the language active. Nonetheless, this kid is a natural learner.

She is the dream student. My biggest challenge, has been making it fun and finding ways to inspire the learning process. When she was younger, it was easy because I used the “game” analogy to motivate. I made things fun, silly and used a lot of imagination. Now that she is a young adult, we are redefining our relationship. I’ve had to adjust from elementary school games for inspiration, to fit her current “teenage” outlook using facts, science and logic as my supporters and motivators. Greek is one of the earliest written languages, to which most words have evolved from. So from a logical perspective, it made sense to learn more about the language.

Music … well that language is a science in itself. Thank god she loves music. What inspired her to continue, after trudging through the basic beginning “and boring in her view” piano books, as soon as she found sheet music for songs she liked … well she’s asking me when she can practice piano next.

That makes our journey together so much more rewarding and enjoyable. Finding ways to motivate and inspire without making it seem like I had to nag someone to do it! It sure makes getting through the teen years a lot easier than I got through mine with my folks.

Evolution is great … when it works. And with that said … we are grateful that we can enjoy our last few days of summer break doing what we love, watching cool shows, gaming, laughing as we practice speaking Greek together and enjoying the new musical sounds dancing from the hands of my young teen creating a new kind of peace and joy (to our ears as well) in our home.


2 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Wow, congratulations to your daughter. Greek and reading music have got to be the more challenging languages to learn. I am learning how to read music myself so I can appreciate all the work your daughter is doing. And I too find the piano exercises booring as well, so I got a book on Barry Manilow sheet music. I figure if there is a song I like and learn how to play I will master the process a lot faster.

    Enjoy the last weekend of summer!!!!!!!

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