Back To School

What a stormy, steamy summer … and I’m not referring to the weather! No, these were the kind of emotional storms that gushed steam out of the ears at new heights! I’m happy to say we got through it and after we enjoy this three day Labor Day weekend, we are ready to embrace the new 2012-13 school year.


This will be our 8th year with the K12 School system as we embark together on my child’s sophomore year in high school. This year she begins tenth grade as a teen blogger with more than half a dozen blogs already posted about one of her favorite topics, caring for fish. Its called “Fish N Tips”. Below is the link:

Fish N Tips

In spite of all the unexpected  and somewhat unpleasant experiences we encountered this summer, we always found a way to make the best of every situation. Due to budget cuts, my work load slowed down. To make matters worse, my former spouse continues to live in a state of “reckless abandonment,” which means we receive child support whenever he chooses to remember. That means, we go months at a time with no support that unfortunately my budget depended on. Talk about living on the edge!


I did my best to find ways to make ends meet. Hard work, faith and prayer played a big role. Tuning in to the words and wisdom of some of my mentors, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra (meditation has been invaluable) Barbara Marx Hubbard, Byron Katie, Tony Robbins whose valuable coaching techniques helped me focus on changing my state of mind. The way I handle a crisis is also a lesson to my daughter. When I can handle a crisis, and find solutions that uplift and inspire me, she will remember how I handled tough situations, and ideally she will find similar or better ways to work through them.


In tough times, finding creative solutions makes the experience that much more rewarding. So I didn’t have the backing or support to enroll my kid in summer camp. The K12 program had many summer camps we could access at no cost. I encouraged her to sign up for several online camps and together we learned how to create and run a blog. Another class taught her how to become an entrepreneur. She learned how to write a movie script in yet another; and even learned to create a few simple mobile apps for the Android system in an apps class. It was fun and we both learned so much!


In addition, I also gave her private piano lessons and began teaching her how to read, write and speak Greek, the language of my ancestors. In spite off all the obstacles, we were able to participate in experiences that were very enriching and ultimately brought us closer together.

It’s the not amount of money we spend on our loved ones … it’s the valuable amount of quality time that lasts forever.


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