The New Season

A new season approaches, the Autumn Equinox, one of my favorite times of the year. What does a new season mean in our family? The anticipation of the changing colors of the leaves; a new school year; a new season of our favorite shows returning; and to some of the folks in my extended family, a new football season!

These are a few things I personally, look forward to: New adventures, meeting new people, making new friends, being open to new experiences, mastering new levels of education, self discovery, and new levels of opportunities to be revealed to name a few.

I embrace this new found excitement as I must also embrace the levels of fear that lurk in the corners of my mind regarding these anticipated new experiences. What am I afraid of … well, the unknown of course! As exciting as this may all seem, it’s also a little scary!

The voice in my head that asks, “Will I succeed or will I fail? What is the cost? Will the price be too difficult for my emotional bank to handle? Will I lose focus on my parenting obligations pursuing new adventures? Am I healthy enough to juggle and fulfill all my obligations and commitments? So many questions!

So much to ponder, so much to consider, it can be overwhelming … if I let it. So I won’t. I will just focus on what needs to be done: making sure my teen does her best and works hard on her academics. I will continue to find fun ways to motivate us, which in itself can be a lot of work, but in the long rung makes the experience more appealing. Rather than using the traditional methods of nagging (that were used on me), and risk contaminating a relationship, I work on finding ways to inspire – being “in spirit” in doing so. Inspiration builds self confidence, creates a “safe” working relationship and ultimately you show them you value them for who they are. Then when the project, season, school year is complete, we can accept the rewards that go with the hard work and effort we put in and enjoy the sense of self accomplishment we will have achieved.

That is the method I am working with to continue to sculpt and build a rapport with myself as well as others; in a way that makes us all feel successful, and valued, because in the long run, if I’m not uplifted and motivated how can I contribute to anyone else in a positive way? I am also learning to see and appreciate the rewards of my own hard work more, and uncovering new ways of making it fun! That’s what keeps one on one’s toes!

So with that mind set, I continue to juggle the many hats I wear: learning coach, householder, domestic engineer, head chef, mom in chief, critter caretaker, student and of course the beautiful lady that likes to embark on short escapades and visit the fantastical world of her fave shows; traversing into the luscious worlds of Merlin’s Camelot, peeking in on the adventures of the Vampire Diaries, catching the latest info from our friends documenting new discoveries pointing to evidence that corroborates the Ancient Astronaut/Aliens concept, laughing at the crazy antics of the brainiacs from the Big Bang Theory, catching the latest news from the wackos at the Daily Show and chillaxing aloha style with the fun gang in Hawaii at Five-O!

So much to be thankful for and excited about this new season. In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye out for new ways to keep us motivated and inspired while continuing to unearth ways to make the learning process enjoyable which ultimately makes life more fun!

Until next time …


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