Strong Women, Submissive Choices

This topic continues to resurface as scandals like Maria Shriver and Arnold come into the public arena again with the release of his recent auto biography. I have to admit, I admire his courage to come forward and talk about it. Whether it’s sincere or not, it’s still nice to hear a man admit he’s made some serious mistakes and apologize publicly to his wife and children. I don’t recall having seen a public apology by Mel Gibson before I saw his first appearance on Jay Leno after his horrific behavior.

Arnold also admitted he had many affairs his wife was aware of, which brings me back to the subject of this blog – Strong women; Submissive choices. Why did Maria turn away and enable her husband’s bad behavior? If she knew about these indiscretions, why did she remain in a relationship that did not honor the bonds of their sacred union? No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Perhaps she had affairs as well.

One reason given in the news as a possible reason she tolerated his infidelity, was because it is a common occurrence in the Kennedy family. There’s another factor I haven’t heard touched upon in the media: The European culture has a different perspective on extra marital relations. It’s accepted openly there in certain regions, particularly in the Germanic countries where Arnold is from.

What I am trying to better comprehend and recognize as one of my own “emotional disabilities” is why empowered women make submissive choices when it comes to our partners. For I too am guilty of this form of betrayal to self. I tend to make submissive choices with the ones I love. 

It’s definitely a topic that needs more processing and discussion among women in our medicine wheels. I also invite our brothers to join in the conversation to help us all understand better the impact these stupid choices have on each other as well as the innocent ones in our lives, our children. We need to evolve, making mature and respectful choices. Doing so teaches our children proper common sense behavior that in turn will help them move forward with dignity and honor towards the future world they will help create.


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