Letting Go

Seems I’ve been doing a lot of this lately. I get so attached to things, relationships, home, cars, tv shows, movies, books, our animal companions. When we find something we identify with, that excites us, makes us enthusiastic, we work to hold on to that as long as we can. After a while we become complacent and begin to take things for granted, and then we lose it. When it’s gone, especially if it happens suddenly and unexpectedly, it becomes a life changing event.

When we experience a life changing event the universe gives us a peek to who we are and what we are made of. The beauty is that it is a different experience for each individual, depending on gender, age, cultural influences, etc. How we react to change affects our choices.

One of the things I discovered during these life events is that I have a lot more strength than I realized. For example, when I lost my kitty last month I didn’t believe I was strong enough to handle a sudden loss of that magnitude. I’ve experienced death before. Each passing introduces a different wave of emotions. My attitude is reflected on the exchange with the soul that passed. I’ve felt a great sense of freedom from the ones who were the most toxic and inflicted the greatest contamination. At other times I felt numb not understanding what the feelings were because there was such a wide pendulum of emotion and memories tied into the experience of others. Then there are the ones that intensely shock and hurt the deepest, like the recent loss of my little feline companion.

There have been times in my life when an animal joined our family that I bonded with on a very special and unique level. These are animals who communicate with us. When an animal feels confident and safe enough to welcome you as a kindred spirit, a connection ensues that is both magical and natural. There is comfort and trust in the relationship. A silent communication exists that conveys we are brethren, in spite of our different coats.

In addition, when an animal is introduced to us in their infancy a nurturing parent/child relationship develops. Both our felines joined our family within their first few months of life. We didn’t know at 6 weeks Autumn was still weaning and quickly took to my ear lobes to replace her mother’s teats. I was touched and felt blessed she was that comfortable with me.

My early experiences with motherhood came from learning how to care for and raise the animals in our family. I learned to nurture them, love them, spend time with them, play with them, communicate to them and treat them respectfully as I would my own child.

I dream of a world where animals talk like they do in films like Shrek. The truth is animals do talk if you listen. It isn’t English, although there are times when I know I heard my cat Autumn voice, “mama.”  You can sense their communication from a clear receptive state if you are plugged in to them. Intuition and keeping an open mind, is helpful in receiving transmissions of communication in some form or another. You just need to apply active listening techniques. Animal Planet shows like “My Cat From Hell” is a great for teaching how to connect with domestic cats in an effort to reside together harmoniously.

It’s because of those unique bonds, those special experiences why it can be hard to let go of those extraordinary masters that come into our lives. We feel a vast emptiness when they leave and wish they were still here, both animal and human. Some of the human kind are still around, they just no longer oscillate at a harmonious frequency. I often wonder what’s worse, having someone you love die and no longer have contact with, or someone still around you once loved you can no longer have contact with. Each yielded gifts leaving us stronger having survived the whirlwind in some instances, and always grateful for the heartwarming memories that last us forever.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. It’s true! I heard my other kitty Le, say mama this morning. Bringing a new life into our family has been very helpful in our healing process. Although we are not ready to add another member to our animal family, as Le is really happy to live without having territorial disputes anymore, welcoming a new life to the family to care for has helped bring me out of places of sadness. There’s a connection that happens with animals that is very uplifting and healing because they love us … in spite of our imperfections. True unconditional love.

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