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Mayr has a BFA in Theatre Production from the University of Arizona. She is a professional digital marketing and social media producer, classically trained in theater and stage, with over 30 years experience in the entertainment business. She also has a decade of work experience in the music industry as an alumnus of Capitol-EMI Records.  As a performer, she has appeared on stage, in front of, and behind the camera, throughout the US and Europe. From New York, to LA; London, to ParisMadrid, and Vienna. She currently calls Las Vegas home where she’s set up Media Magic, her digital arts  production studio that offers consulting and production services for audio, video and social media. In addition, Mayr is currently working on her Masters degree in Organizational Management at Ashford University, recently received a Certificate of Completion in Music Production at Berklee’s College of Music, and is the learning coach for her teenage daughter who was recently elected the school’s Student Council Vice President and Treasurer of their National Honor Society program.

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  1. Hello. I have been thinking about attending Ashford University and studying Organizational Management as well. Are you just studying OM, do you have a concentration/Specialization? I am stuck between Health Care and Human Resource. Which do you recommend?

    • Hi Maria, Thanks for your comments. I am currently enrolled in Ashford’s MBA program working on a Master’s in Organizational Management (MOM). Because I have an entrepreneurial background, the administrators recommended this program for me. I’m really enjoying the online school experience. I love learning and sharing that knowledge with others like minded. What are you passionate about? Helping guide people’s career paths, or working with them in a health care environment? If you love both equally, maybe you can figure out an entrepreneurial way to combine both in what you are doing? Perhaps HR unit services within the health care system? The possibilities are limitless! Hope that helps! 🙂

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