Getting to Know Moi!

Hi-dee-ho Cyber pals!

Allow me to introduce myself. (For those who don’t know me). My name is Mayr (pronounced Mare. It’s a nickname for Mary, but I didn’t want to spell it like a horse). I am the ultimate student of life!

I’m the eldest daughter of 4 children, a single parent and currently reside in the Vegas area. I put myself through college, earned a Bachelor’s degree and realized after I graduated, I wasn’t done learning! I wanted to know more! Be careful what you ask for, because in voicing that intent, well let’s just say, “I’ve been doing a whole lotta learnin!” Maybe my love of learning has to do with my Greek ancestry, I’m not sure. All I know is that I have a thirst for knowledge and I do a lot of writing! I guess you can call me a Greek Geek! I love to learn and share knowledge with others like minded and putting that knowledge to use.

I’ve been in the entertainment industry in some form since I was a kid. I’ve traveled the US and Europe extensively in the 90s as an entertainer and experienced a variety of cultures before settling down to nest and experience motherhood, another passion of mine.

I’m also a big fan of humor. I love to laugh and I LOVE to make others laugh. I learned very early that laughter is a good way to heal and deal with all the “ouchies”. As a result, I tend to view things a with  humor. I had a pretty intense childhood and am the survivor of abuse, so I stand up for those who can’t or need help.

Last, but certainly not least, valor, virtue and truth are the codes of conduct I follow and expect in my circle of friends. So, there ya have it. A little more info about the work in progress that is moi.

I decided to start a “blog” as a platform to share some of this stuff  “I done learned“, and open dialog with anyone else out there interested, well in just about anything!! I mean I yak enough on just about anything and everything. If there is anything I share that can be of service or helpful to someone else, or put a smile on someone’s face, that is a good day.

My next blog will be about something I’m working on called “The Love Touch Project.”

Stay tuned … Until next time … bloggity, bloggity, blog!


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